An RSS reader based on HTML 5 technologies Available on Android and iPhone

When open technologies meet the 2 most importants mobile platforms

Open RSS Reader is a mobile application based on HTML 5 and Jquery. This app give you a convenient way to get all your RSS feeds into one place, on your Apple or Android mobile.

What are the differences between an app based on HTML 5 and a classic app ?

There is no difference. The app is running on your phone like a classic app which can store data locally for offline access and support multitask like any other app.

I see... but if it's exactly like a classic app, why did you develop it using HTML 5 ?

Because HTML 5 is the future of web and apps and JQuery mobile framework, the one used to develop Open RSS Reader, is a framework that give the opportunity to provide an app which can run on both Android and iOS devices with the same code.

You can find Open RSS Reader on

Open RSS Reader available on Android devices and iPhones

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